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Merri Pattinian welcomes you to her studio.

"My interests are in exploring new techniques of working rather than any particular subject matter. I have directed my energy into developing a method of working that incorporates my desire to combine unique textures, spatial relationships, movement and feelings. I like to combine non-traditional material such as metal, fabric, paper and glass. I create elements that then become found objects to incorporate in my work as needed."

"Whether it is an abstract, or a piece that incorporates the use of images, the composition and design are of the utmost importance. The end result is one that both pleases the eye and excites the mind."

See the selected exhibits page for the Spring - Summer show schedule. ASK ABOUT COMMISSIONS.

Merri Pattinian-Europe
Portfolio Biography
Merri Pattinian-Metal
Portfolio Biography
Merri Pattinian-Nature
Merri Pattinian-Renaissance

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