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"Even after four decades of creative activity, the excitement I feel daily at the challenge of creating art remains undimmed. Over these many years, some aspects of my art have changed; notable among these changes is the specific medium I have selected as best suited to express my vision at a particular time. Yet my art, through all its variety, remains constant in some important respects. I have always worked in series, preferring to explore any given subject matter in depth. Since my main interest is the state of mankind, I have explored that subject both directly and indirectly throughout my long involvement with art. Whether in the HOLOCAUST PAINTINGS series, the HOLOCAUST WALL HANGINGS series, the SELF PORTRAITS OF A HOLOCAUST ARTIST series, the BIBLICAL HISTORY WALL HANGINGS series or the CERAMICS series - and in countless other works - I have used art as a unique tool for the expression of my ideas and feelings about the human condition. I have been gratified over the past few years to find institutional homes for most of my major series of artworks. The HOLOCAUST PAINTINGS series, over a dozen of the HOLOCAUST WALL HANGINGS and some others of my series on the human condition are now in the permanent collection of the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. The SELF PORTRAITS OF A HOLOCAUST ARTIST series is in the permanent collection of The William Benton Museum of Art in Storrs, Connecticut. The BIBLICAL HISTORY WALL HANGINGS and the vast majority of the HOLOCAUST WALL HANGINGS are in the permanent collection of The Temple Museum of Religious Art of The Temple Tifereth Israel in Cleveland, Ohio. I am seeking a museum or another suitable public institution that will take my CERAMICS series and preserve it for posterity."

Judith Liberman

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