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Joan Osborn-Dunkle
2170 Gulf Shore Blvd N. #31W
Naples, FL 34102

Phone: 941-435-3547
Fax: 941-435-0658
E-Mail: joan818@aol.com

Home page of Joan Osborn-Dunkle

"There is an element of mystery in what I create. I never wish to reveal too much. Certain kinds of writing, some of which are more recognizable than others, encourage the viewer to read, and explore to decipher the meaning of what is written. My work is open to interpretation allowing the viewer to participate imaginatively in the creative process as well as challenge the spectator to be a part of the incomplete cycle - thus the viewer actually completes the work."

Recently Dunkle has relocated from 680 Fifth Avenue S. to 6062 Taylor Road where she maintains her studio. Her work may be seen at Gallery Victoria 932 5th Ave. N. in Naples. Her studio is open to visitors who are always welcome to share in the "art experience" of the moment. Often one will see works in progress, or perhaps see a class in progress as she has a fine reputation as a teacher and demonstrator.

Dunkle is dedicated to working with home owners, interior designers, and professionals, and offers a variety of consulting services - from aiding in the selection of art, to placing and hanging the pieces in ones home or office.

Joan Osborn Dunkle
Portfolio Biography
Joan Osborn- Dunkle
Portfolio Biography

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